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Do BCCA's & EAA'S Make a Difference?

BCAA's And EAA's at their correct dosages will be very helpful to assist with regulating blood sugar levels, cortisol, catabolic break down issues and just basic recovery in the gym.

Most BCAAs that I have seen on the market normally use L-Glutamine as an amino acid to assist with protein synthesis and increase the intake of the branched chained amino acids.

Everyone should be familiar with the stress hormone. We tend to spike this regularly throughout workouts which causes us to go into adrenal fatigue and catabolic break down. By drinking BCAA or EAA supplement's during your workout when your body is most sensitive towards supplying blood directly to the muscle that is being targeted, you will find a lot of support from electrolytes pushing those amino acids directly into the muscle, helping hydrate and recover the muscle getting optimal use out of your session.


Faster muscle recovery

Regulating stress hormone during workout

Reduced DOMS ( delayed onset muscle soreness)

increased Electrolytes

Reduces cramping

Mood regulation

Appetite control


Protein synthesis

BCAA's and EAA's products are brought to the market to help maintain what muscle we do have. Humans are not muscular by nature, we have to work hard to maintain what muscle we do develop by increasing calorie intake and work load regularly. Supplement's offer that assistance to give the body less stress while promoting the best results.

If you would like to check out our top recommended BCAA and EAA products please clink the links below. - You Supps Team

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