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  • How do I contact someone at YouSupps?
    You can contact us in several ways. Via a phone call on 0413 067 143 - this line is open from 9am until 10pm AEST/AEDT, but outside those times you can always leave us a message and we will return your call as soon as we’re able to. Via our website Live Chat function - this can be used at any time as well, and if no one is available to chat with, any message you leave will be emailed through to us. Via email - you can always contact us via email at
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept Australian Visas, Mastercards, and American Express. We accept PayPal. Coming soon AfterPay.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Unfortunately we can not ship to ANY location that is outside Australia. No exceptions. Even if you offer to cover the shipping rates, this is just not something we can offer at this time.
  • Why is my Pre-Workout hard / clumpy?
    Due to some ingredients within pre-workouts, aminos, and fat burners, different temperatures can cause them to harden. The product is generally still fine to use, and the ingredients aren’t affected. It will normally dissolve down as it should when you mix it with water. All you need to do is break a piece off, or whiz it up in a blender to get it back to powder form. However if it does not dissolve properly when you mix it, or you’re unable to break it apart to try it out, please send through an email to with a photo of the hardened product, along with your order number, so we can sort something out for you.
  • What do I do if my order has arrived wrong, something missing, wrong flavour, etc?"
    The easiest way to get this sorted out is to send an email to our admin team - Please include your order number or full name if you can not find the order number, and if possible please include photos of the wrong item/flavour, etc. If something is missing from the order and you still have the packaging the order arrived in, please include a photo of the packaging and products that you did receive. Basically the more information we have in that first email means the faster we can action it for you!
  • I have changed my mind, or the product doesn’t fit - can I return my product?"
    As long as the product is unopened/unused and is still in NEW condition, you can return your product. You will need to cover the cost of getting the product back to us, and there is a mandatory $9.95 fee. If you are returning the product for a refund your refund will be less $9.95, and if you’re returning the product for an exchange then we will need an additional $9.95 to send out the exchange. Just send us an email with your request so we can get this organised.
  • When will you dispatch my order?
    If we have all your products in stock, and you get your order in to us before 2pm brisbane time on a business day, we will ship it out that same afternoon. If we do not have all your products in stock, we will try to contact you throughout the day by phone and email to see what we can sort out for you. If we can not get in contact with you, we will hold your order until we can get in touch. Please note - If we are currently running a sale, or have just finished running a sale, we will do everything in our power to get your order shipped out that same day. However we cannot guarantee it during this time due to the sheer volume of orders we receive during sales.
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