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You Supps was formed to create a new culture within the fitness & health industry where YOU and your overall health & wellbeing are the genuine priority each and every time you come and visit one of our stores.

Without YOU there is no fitness industry.

Without YOU there are no supplements.

Without YOU there is no us.

Our goal is to not only create an inviting, friendly, caring and educational experience but to also build a community of people both in person and online where we can grow & learn from each other.


While supplements themselves aren't a necessity! when you are taking the right products for you and your goals then supplements can most definitely help you reach success much faster and more effectively.

With over 20 combined years in the fitness & health industry you can guarantee we have the experience and knowledge to help you find which supplements are right for you & your goals.

"Alone we are vulnerable, but together we are unbreakable."


They say when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.

I've thought about this saying for a long time, and what it could mean to me. It took me in various directions throughout the fitness industry.

Meeting different people from all around the world. From working in the gyms to the supplement stores it was always a great feeling for me to be around like minded people that wanted to progress in physical and mental Health.


I've been passionate about training since the day I walked through those gym doors and even more passionate about supplements and their benefits since the day i started to use them.

While I competed in various types of bodybuilding competitions, I created a lifestyle where I was regularly using these sports supplements to help myself progress throughout my training goals.

I found it easier to remain goal orientated while using certain supplements. e.g Pre workouts ; that promoted extra energy on my slump days, amino acids on my hungry days and fat burners after my sugary sweets all while learning the effects of the supplements personally.


Every single supplement that I stock, I have tried and tested. If you decided to put your trust in me, I would be sure to go above and beyond to support your training goals.




Alex G. 

"Ordered on Wednesday afternoon and received Friday morning. Great service and thank you for the free samples."


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