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The Best Ways to Build Bigger muscles, Faster

The most beneficial thing you can do is correctly calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) and balance your diet accordingly to your calorie needs. One of the biggest issues is to just do what "hes doing or shes doing" when you could give your body so much less stress and enjoy reliable controllable results.

DIET IS KEY while supplements are to support and aid the nutritional needs. Supplements aren't always a necessity, but do however offer promising results used in the right way.

As humans, we aren't muscular by nature but do however have the potential to increase our ability to become more muscular every day if we keep pushing ourselves and use the correct nutritional tools to get there.

I always recommend to get help from a trained professional if you think you would struggle to do some of the things or use some of products i would recommend.

Calculate BMI adjust calories according to goal Workout routine Supplement

Without going to technical with their descriptions, here's some great supplements to promote muscle growth used by many people all throughout the world.

Creatine Monohydrate: To boost energy production in the muscle and to increase endurance potential and recovery time. Great for pre workout or post workout use.

Creatine loading 20g a day, 4x 5g serve for the first 7 days then 5g serve daily for Maintenance.

Essential Amino Acids OR BCAAS (THIS IS PROTEIN)

Using a supplement like this during your workout has many benefits. To start Most of the time they are filled with Electrolytes! This alone is such a helpful tool with promoting hydration to your muscles which is great to help promote growth, recovery and reduce cramping issues BCAA's (Branched chained amino acids) Without these 3 Ingredients we would wouldn't have muscle to begin with. The strongest of the amino acids responsible of muscle recovery and blood sugar regulation. EAAS is what makes up the rest of the 9 essential amino acids that help make up protein They’re vital for functions such as protein synthesis, tissue repair and nutrient absorption.

Some may also prevent muscle loss and improve mood, sleep, athletic performance and weight loss.

If you're getting hungry during your workout then most likely your body is going through a catabolic break down (muscle loss) to feed your body some required protein. This can be stopped using this supplement during this time. This is great to use during meal times and during activities to keep yourself hydrated or full, promote fat loss and muscle recovery.


Whey protein is THE FASTEST absorbing type of protein there is. Using this to your advantage, post workout is great to support the anabolic window time (within 30 mins post workout) to rehydrate, recover, reduce muscle soreness time, increase thyroid activity and ultimately start burning fat again after your workout for feeding it correctly.

Great for any time during the day to boost protein intake, normally used with breakfast meals, lunch and pre or post workout.

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